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Work with professional graphic designer to create the perfect brand identity for your business.

Before we start design your brand identity we consider generally action by thinking about your business goals, values, vision and mission. In order to keep your business or organization to focus on the right track, we create brand identity that is consistent, memorable, unique and distinctive.

Benefits of brand identity design

Fundamental brand identity design process


Research and Strategy


Scheduling and Organising


Concepts and Design


Implementation and Finalising

Understanding Brand Identity process.

Your Brand

You, your project and your brand are inextricably linked.

The first step in the brand identity design process is to think about your project objectives, your competitors, and what makes you different. Our aim is to consolidate your brand message and think strategically about your audience.

To combine all elements together we will ask, discuss and analyze few questions.

Research into your project, message, and audience provides the information that forms the basic of your brand. We can start create your own brand and visualize the parts that make up the whole.

Your brand contain three different elements that combine to form a cohesive whole, capable of seeping into an audience a psyche and generating a powerful emotional response.

  1. Verbal Brand

  2. Visual Brand

  3. Brand Emotion

Verbal Brand

Creating a verbal brand will help you communicate consistently, both verbally and visually, across all communication channels.

Visual Brand

When we design your brand we are aiming to create memorable, unique and distinctive visual elements for your business or service. The graphic visual language we use tells the story of your brand in it is meaning, structure and visual form.

Start design your brand identity with graphic design studio 24h today and get a lot of benefits in the future.

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Brand style guide - extended

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